Engage and grow your customer base with Social media marketing

Target the right audience with our Social Media Marketing Services

Engage and grow your customer base with Social media marketing


With over 2 billion users around the world, Facebook has the most extensive demographics compared to any social media platform. Facebook advertising is very responsive and great for targeted advertising.


YouTube is the second largest search engine, after its cousin, Google. Perform SEO well and your videos are more likely to appear in searches. That and everyone loves to watch videos.


This is a platform which rewards a strong social media strategy. You can really get your brand noticed with focused and brand-centric hashtags.


Pinterest’s fuel is photographs and images. You can’t fake it to make it on Pinterest (pun upcoming), creativity is key for your profile to succeed. 


Viral tweets is what makes Twitter lucrative for a lot of people. But we know that hashtags and retweeting make it a great platform on which to build momentum for your brand. 


LinkedIn is the platform for professionals. It’s a great way to connect with others in your industry and with customers and clients. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth on LinkedIn. Also, it lets you target people by their job title and industry.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Planning social media greatness starts with understanding your existing social media presence. Which platforms are you on, how are you performing compared to competitors, audience insights and what are the opportunity areas, must be assessed. We’ll then lay out our behavioral analysis, how to engage your audiences and the social platform right for you.

ASSET Creation for social campaigns

To achieve exponential results on social, you need more than just the one pithy post or a catchy tagline. Consistent campaigns are essential. Our creative social media team will keep your channels feeling fresh and vibrant. With our savvy (and compelling messages), we’ll engage, enthrall and entice users right into the marketing funnel.

Analytics and reporting

At Ace Swift Marketing we are a results-based bunch. Social campaigns must be judged against how well they measure up to your marketing goals. Our analysts create custom reports tracking your business’ social media performance. You’ll be able to see and understand exactly how your social channels are performing and what the next steps should be.

Paid media advertising

Paid advertising is at the heart of marketing campaign. And the reach of channels such as Facebook is second to none. Make no mistake, if the rewards are high so is the challenge of reaching them. Our paid media experts specialize in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. We optimize your advertising campaigns, helping generate leads, create email databases, shape sales funnels, and sell your products and services.

Community Management

Maintaining a healthy online community is a task all its own. That’s why our community managers support social media campaigns. Their input is invaluable to developing and managing social media content, creating compelling strategies, conduct reporting, social listening and maintaining a long term engagement.

Influencer Marketing

Employing influencers to drive your brand message to a larger audience can be an extremely effective strategy – if done right. Influencer campaigns are typically propagated via their social channels, requiring close coordination and a clear understanding of objectives. It takes a strong social team to ensure that the content meets your objectives, the contracts are honored and meaningful statistics are shared

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