Let us show you the real power of email marketing

Promised incredible email campaigns but results were more than disappointing?

That's why you should trust people who have actual results to show.

Email marketing is powerful - if you know how to do it

Affordable Marketing

Emails offer tremendous value for money. For little cost you can reach thousands, directly on their devices.

Track & Learn

Emails are tremendous sources of insight. Gather audience intelligence through email campaigns – and then apply it elsewhere.

New Leads

Engage new customers with custom-built email lists and re-target existing customers with new products and services.

Brand Awareness

A supremely effective way of informing prospectives of your business and building top-of-mind recall.

Ready Audience

Emails are checked extremely frequently, which means you have access to a ready audience with rapt attention.

Largest Platform By Far

More than 5 billion active email users – that’s double what Facebook, Twitter and Instagram claim to have.

5 email marketing steps that will put your doubts to bed

Strategic Delivery

Building rapport takes hints and pursuit. We’ll deconstruct your message into a series, schedule it and track it.

Design, design, design

If it’s not love at first sight that email is going to be rejected. Find out why our designs are not.

Will it deliver?

Making sure emails don’t step on spam tripwires or filtering services is crucial. Bet the other agency never did that for you.


Small section of your audience gets one email, another gets a different one. The more effective one is sent to everyone.


Tracking opens, clicks and bounces is essential for us – how else will show you how successful the campaign has been.

How we make emails competitive marketing tools

Engagement Leads

If you have been led to believe email campaigns are one-way, let us correct that perception for you. Emails are a great ice-breaker. We make sure we fully exploit this chance to connect prospective clients and customers with you.

This will only happen when recipients trust the email and the sender. That means no sketchy “From” headers, unfamiliar businesses in footers and badges from email platforms.

Campaign Evaluation

The biggest advantage email marketing offers over offline marketing is that you learn from it. How different demographics react, what elements appeal more, what products and services you should focus on – that’s the kind of valuable insight you can gather from email campaigns.

Our team uses tools that allow industry-leading levels of tracking for emails. You will know how many times your campaign was viewed, what the conversion rate was, and what promotion appealed to audiences most.

Design Experts

Emails require subtle work and minor variations can have profound impact. That’s why our content specialists and designers work together to craft emails that will intrigue. There are many other considerations too like spam filtering and restrictions that need to be navigated too.

It’s why A/B testing is quintessential to creating email campaigns that convert. User response, successful delivery and compatibility are all finely checked over and over again as we perfect your email campaign.



Your brand, your voice

Emails are an extremely effective embodiment of your brand. The colors will reflect your business colors, your logo will be front and centre. Since people interact intimately with emails, branding must reflect exactly how you want to position your business.

At Ace Swift Marketing our professionals realize the importance of setting the right tone. That’s why we work closely with you to make sure the tone and theme matches the image you want to portray.

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