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Pay per click (PPC) Advertising consistently generates $3 for every $1 spent

Work With a Team of Dedicated PPC Experts

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Google Partner Certified Pay Per Click Management company

We start each partnership with an honest conversation about your needs and goals. Then, we develop a PPC strategy that helps you grow your business and your profits – while staying within your advertising budget. Our focus is on the ROI, not just more clicks and impressions.

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Landing Page Design

Our team builds goal-focused web pages for your customers to visit and get more information.

Call Tracking (Optional)

Track which keywords are generating phone calls.

PPC Management

We create campaigns that are consistent and compelling for your visitors.

Automated scripts

Our custom automated scripts help you manage bids and pause low performing keywords automatically.

Conversion optimization

We build landing pages specifically to convert your PPC customers.

Grow your sales

Convert visitors into recurring loyal customers.

Increase quality Leads

Focus on targeting the audience that really matters.

Improve you roi

Get more than just clicks – get real business!

Increase inbound phone calls

Persuade your potential clients to pick up the phone.

How our ppc marketing can help you

Get more out of your marketing budget


google & Bing ads campaign management

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing. With the incredibly in-depth metrics that are on offer, businesses can target optimum leads and grow revenue with confidence and consistency. No wonder millions of businesses rely on Google to advertise their products and services to an enormous worldwide audience. Of course, you need the right team to leverage that power.

With an expert PPC management company like us managing your Google Ads (previously, Adwords), you are going to get the maximum returns from your paid search campaigns. In a nutshell, we will create compelling ads targeting the right customers. At our Seattle PPC management company, we will optimize your Google Ads and Bing Ad campaigns to ensure maximum ROI on every dollar you spend. 

Ace Swift Marketing is a Google Partner Certified agency. Our award-winning Seattle PPC team is recognized for its consistently excellent results. When you work with Ace Swift Marketing, you work with the best Ads managers in the business. Also, despite being less well-known than Google, Bing remains a viable marketing platform. You are able to target users who remain loyal to Bing, ensuring you reach the fullest user base.

Social media advertising management: Facebook, instagram,linkedin, twitter & Snapchat

Paid advertising is not limited to search engines like Google. Advertising on social media networks is an extremely effective way of generating leads. Couple the advertising campaign with a vibrant presence on the platform and reviews, the possibilities of a PPC management company can offer are endless.

Facebook alone has over two billion users, who on average spend around 40 minutes per day on the platform. That time is only set to increase. Facebook’s tools allow granular control over targeting and offers unique ways of reaching users and showcasing your business.

In fact, geo-targeting, by demographic, interests and behaviour are something all social media platforms allow to varying degrees. Moreover, the ability to analyze traffic and traction of your ads is seen as a tremendous scalable opportunity. Not only can a PPC management company optimize ads for ROI, but it can also help build an understanding of user behaviours.

Best of all, social media advertising is not restricted to static image ads. Our Toronto based PPC management team creatively infuses image carousels, videos and slideshows to capture the attention of audiences around Canada and the world.

Retargeting or remarketing campaigns

Remarketing to visitors to your website is an extremely effective way of building your top-of-mind recall and maximizing ROI in PPC campaigns. Users who had demonstrated an intention to make a purchase on your site are shown your ads as they browse the internet. 

Why is remarketing so effective? Because visitors have already expressed an interest in procuring your products or services. As such, it is a very cost-effective way of advertising. Retargeting is a great way to showcase your brand as an authoritative presence on the internet. Customers who see your brand frequently will respect it and find it more credible than competing offerings. 

Remarketing campaigns are tremendously powerful, and often overlooked, tool to improve sales conversions. Remember, the sales process is long and competitive, and remarketing using Google will help you maximize that.



Increase conversions & reduce cart abandonment

government Agencies 

Increase brand awareness & meet you objectives with our custom PPC Audience

Educational Institutes

Increase enrollment & increase your reach to the right audience

LEAD Generation

Drive more leads at a very low cost with our PPC Strategies


Book more demos and increase the LTV


Convert higher quality leads and lower acquisition costs

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